Commissary at the Line Hotel

Line hotel is probably one of the hot places to be in Koreatown these days. Especially on weekends, everyone seems to end up there for drinks at the lounge. Personally, its way too crowded for me to even enjoy my drink there on the weekends.. So, instead of going at night, Ruby&I decided to have lunch at the commissary. I fell in love with their green house concept. The ambiance was great. It's definitely a place where I'd bust out my phone and start taking selfies!

Table setting at Commissary-- It caught my attention that every table setting had different cups and napkins. I thought their vintage tableware was super cute! Vintage feel plates and utensils really stood out.

Their menu was a bit strange to me at first since it was only presented with category/pictures. Choosing with no description was a bit tough but me being me, I love mysterious things so I decided to order hoping for a delicious surprise.

We ended up getting the burger- 80% wagyu beef& 20% pork, club sandwich (missing avocados :\), and fries and they turned out to be pretty tasty! I would definitely come back here with my girls for some brunch&gossip session.