New Year, New Me.

Finally, I am back on the blog! Sorry if I have not been updating my blog but I have been taking time to find which direction I wanted to go and had alot of thinking to do. Took my time to figure things out and now I am back on track. This year, I am super motivated to bring you guys new contents- try out new styles- (fashion,beauty,lifestyle,food,etc). & FINALLY, I have launched my youtube channel so please go check that out! My first video was a makeup tutorial video- you can find direct link in my menu above under "YouTube". Starting Feb. I will be posting on YouTube and on my blog weekly- weather its fashion, beauty, or food whatever it may be I've promised myself to be consistent because we all know that only hard work pays off. As for now until Feb starts, I will be uploading all of my pictures from the past that I have not yet posted. I honestly sort of stopped blogging and took direction in youtube because I'm not much of a writer. However, I want to write my blog as if its my own journal. So if you can keep up with me- it will be my very own style of writing and I will make sure to include as much details as possible! I am preparing a Spring 2016 Look Book for you guys so stay tuned!