Off White Opening

Have you guys heard of Off White? I got introduced to this brand by my guy friends in LA. They seem to be in love with it, it's an high end street wear brand. Super stylish and lots of swag. Being in Korea, I have some benefits of attending special events. This time, I went to their opening at boon the shop in Chung-dam, Korea. Boon the shop is like a Korean version of Barneys- or Saks. I got to meet the amazing Virgil Abloh and his team, they are so sweet and determined and have so much passion for their work. I feel like by hanging out with them, I've learned to be more motivated in what I do and have more love for the industry. This time around, many celebs were invited, we had a after party at the rooftop office with all the amazing artists like GD, CL, TIffany, CoHort members, etc. Had a blast! even at the after after party in Itaewon. It was a tiny club called cakeshop but I partied the night away as if I was in vegas. What a memorable night! Until next time, hope you enjoy the pictures! xx