Floral Crush

It's already fall and winter is near but the weather in LA still remains sunny during the day time. I decided to wear my navy chiffon floral dress to Zinc Cafe in art district downtown after hours of fun filled adventures with my girl Ruby. I never expected to find a cafe with such relaxed ambiance. I fell in love with their courtyard where you can feel the place being lit up with skylights.

To assure a smooth transition between seasons, I think you can always count on floral prints. My navy floral dress gives off a feminine starry night vibe. Its a perfect fall dress to wear in LA. Although the fabric is very thin, its long sleeved so it keeps you pretty warm. Over all I think it's a stunning outfit to wear on a date!

We ended up ordering a blueberry muffin, green tea lemonade and I honestly forgot the name of my drink.. but I thought it was super cute how they put mojito leaves in the lemonade. I would really love to have bruch and mimosas here while enjoying the great atomosphere!


Floral Dress: I actually bought this dress at a boutique shop in Korea. However, you can get something similar from forever 21 or here

Clutch: Tory Burch

Sunglasses: Gentle Monster

Shoes: Vera Wang

Photos by: Ruby