All Black


Finally I'm starting my blog and I'm super stoked about sharing all the things I love! I was inspired by many bloggers to do this so I hope I will be able to inspire some of you out there as well. Feel free to leave comments and feed backs:)


Black is definitely my favorite color to wear all four seasons. No doubt my closet is filled with tons of black clothes! I also love to wear black because the color is very slimming. We all know how much girls care about how skinny they look in their outfits, ha! I feel that texture is what brings an extraordinary feel to an all black look. Mix&matching different fabrics and textures can definitely make your clothes stand out. Adding a bit of color is a must when wearing all black. I like to keep my look very simple so I always end up wearing gold jewelry to finish off the look.


Quilted two piece set- dani collection

Photos by Ruby