So fresh&so clean clean- Loofah Costume



I know that Halloween has already passed, but I really wanted to share this year's costume with everyone. For those of you who are short on time to make costumes, this just might be the costume for you next year because its fairly simple to make! I planned on staying home this year but ended up changing my mind last minute. I've always thought the loofah costumes were really cute and noticed that more girls were loofahs this year. I only had 1 day to make my costume and it literally took me less than an hour to make!


How to make loofah costumes

First, you need to goto the nearest JoAnn fabric store and buy the following things:



  • 20 yards (depending on your size) tulle or nylon matte netting fabric, color of your choice. I personally think mixing two shades of the same color gives you a better look. Make sure to ask the worker to cut your fabric approximately 2.5 yards.  
  • 1 inch elastic (it can be thicker)
  • 1/2 yd of white rope
  • box of safety pins-- you need alot of safety pins, but goto the 99 cent store and buy them because JoAnn's is overpriced.
  • 8-10 rubber bands or hair bands

You also need a strapless mini dress or a body suit. You can wear strapless tubetop and shorts as well.




  • You should have exactly 8 pieces of 2.5 yard tulle after cutting them.
  • Start folding your tulle in half, length-wise (vertically). Repeat this to the rest of the pieces of tulle.
  • Fold your tulle into thirds, width-wise (horizontally).
  • Then, take the folded pieces and tie the middle with a rubber band or a hair band and make a bundle.
  • Then, measure your waist size and cut and tie the elastic. Repeat the same steps for your bust.
  • So you will end up with 2 elastic bands that are the size of your bust and your waist.
  • Then, you take the 8 bundles of tulle and and attach them to the elastic band. 4 bundles for the waist and 4 for bust. *Make sure you space them out evenly.
  • Then, put your dress on and slip on the elastic bands on your waist and bust. 
  • Use safety pins to attach them onto your dress.
  • After thats done, fan out the tulle with your fingers. the size of the loofah costume depends on how much you fan it out.
  • Pin the fluffly loofah costume into the shape that you want. (you might need another persons help doing this.
  • Lastly, attach the white rope on the side of your loofah costume to give the real loofah feel. (I also super glued rubber duckies on the side to make it cuter)
  • & voila! there's your costume!

Ruby&I definitely had tons of fun making these costumes. We loved how it looked! If any of my friends want my costume for next year let me know before it gets tossed in the trashcan! :P


Hope this helped!

Xoxo, <3.