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New year, new beginning! Happy 2017!


I usually don't shop through mobile apps but I wanted to share my very first experience with you guys. This app is called "LuvIt" It's definitely an app that loves you back! With LuvIt, you can create a style network, shop and discover trending brands and even collect cash back on every purchase you make. How great is that? LuvIt gives you cash back every time you puchase a product and each time you inspire someone else to shop. & YES, this is real money that you are getting when someone on your network buys a product you Luv'd or shared! 

LuvIt has over 70 brands. I've been on it for awhile now and I feel like the number of brands have been increasing everytime I check! The brands that are available are also really unique. I've purchased clothes from sweaters, coats, even bowls and candles to decorate my house with! They have literally everything for men, women, kids and anything lifestyle related.

Here are couple photos I took of myself in the sweater and coat that I purchased through the app:


The colorful striped sweater and my black coat was both purchased from the brand @genuinepeople. It was very high quality and shipping was on time. I even got some cute earrings and in the end I made some extra $ in return and I can collect and use it to purchase another item!

My experience with the LuvIt app has been amazing because I love the interface. Its super clean and modern. Really easy to use and very engaging. I love that I have full control over my feed! It lets me follow brands that I like and by doing so you can keep up with that certain brand and see their new items that are available. Besides following the brand, you can also follow other people in the categories that interest you. Bottom line, on my feed I only see items that are relevant and at my best interest.

Instead of shopping online its super easy to check out and purchase an item directly through the app just with a slide! The best part of this is that I get a notification when the items I want are on sale or even alerts me letting me know when the inventory is low.


his app is available for download on the Apple app store. You can also follow me to discover new trending products by searching @nicqueen on the app or here's a link you can goto for more info

Instagram: @luvit

To download this link instantly click here!

Happy Shopping!