Top 3 Spring Fragrances

A girl is never fully dressed without a perfume. I am officially addicted to anything and everything that smells good. I believe a good fragrance is a really powerful cocktail of memories and emotion. Everyone has a skin chemistry of their own, even if two people are using the same fragrance they will smell different. I think its important to have a "signature" smell of your own. Smell is the strongest sense of our memory and pheromones are what attracts us to each other. My favorite scents are strong floral/fresh scent. What's yours?


D&G No.3- This is a perfume that I enjoy wearing the most. L'Imperatrice means Impress in French- way to make a girl feel special with perfume! Whenever I wear this perfume, everyone around me asks what perfume I'm using. Sometimes my friends even come sniff me telling me how good I smell. Boys definitely do love this smell, trust me. Having a strong scent of your own is important so use smell to leave your lover wanting more ;) The strength of this perfume is very powerful, it lingers all day and lasts for a good amount of time. I can say this is my favorite perfume because of the tropical fruit smell. It gives me a very fresh, summery feelings! Suitable for day/evening. It has a bit of musky scent and not as sweet which makes it totally suitable for my age!

Here are some of my favorite scents for spring time! 

D&GNo.3 L'impetatrice ❤️

Dior- Miss Dior Eau Fraiche

Carven- Le Parfum


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Miss Dior Eau FraicheUsually "eau fraiche" scents are just lighter scents of the original. However, Miss Dior Eau Fraiche stands as its own fragrance. This perfume has a unique and strong smell, it smells quite manly to me. But, this manly smell only lasts a short period of time and it turns citrusey and sweet and thats the scent I like! This one is not so fresh but perfect for spring!

Carven Le Parfum- Carven fragrances is something I've been introduced to recently. My friend had a sample and I just randomly happened to use it and wow, the smell was so fresh and charming that I had to go back and get myself a bottle! This scent is long lasting and has a ligh floral and sweet scent. Very classy, and sophisticated smell.