Blemish troubles? No biggie.

Hi girls! Having trouble covering your blemishes? Looking for the perfect skin after putting on your face make up? Here's something you can try out! I recently purchased some makeup products for my face. These aren't the usual products I use on my face.. however, I did spend good hour trying on each and every one of them before purchasing!


5. Lastly, I just really had to share this Contour Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills. It is an amazing contouring kit. You can use them for your nose, your brows, as well as your face. I use them to contour my nose! It has 6 different colors that you can try out with. They are a must have item! I hope this helped some of you!

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First and foremost, you need a brush for your concealer and BB/CC creams. It applies better and tends to cover your blemishes and dark spots better than using your fingers. Sponges work too, I just personally like using the brush.

I want to recommend the following items:

1. laura mercier secret dual shade camouflage & the brush- I usually use this with the duo palette which is used to cover dark circles, scars, blemishes, minor imperfections, and discolorations. One shad is formulated to match the skin's depth of color as well as its undertone. It gives you a perfect shade! & remember to always apply concealer AFTER your foundation! & this brush is $26 at sephora. The pointed tip of the brush allows a very precise placement of the concealer in the smallest areas for your eyes and your face.

2.Makeup Forever concealer- This gives you THE fullest coverage you can ever get. I've tried many concealers and hands down this is one of my fave! You can also use it on your body as well.

3. laura mercier tube concealer- these are the new concealers that just came out. This one is used more for your face than your under eyes. If you have more trouble with discoloration and blemishes rather than dark circles, i'd prefer this over the secret camouflage.

4.Smashbox CC Cream& Halo Powder: It was my first time trying the smash box CC Cream, This is a color correcting cream that neutralizes your skin tone. It also contains SPF as well as Vit C. It's perfect to put on without having to buy sun screen for your face! Along with this CC Cream, I apply my Halo Powder afterwards, this is in powder form so I use a brush to apply it on my face. It is very hydrating so it never looks cakey and gives a radiant finish to your look!