Seoul Fashion Week

SS 2017 Seoul Fashion Week

A few months back in October, I took a trip to Korea to attend SFW SS 2017. It was my very first time officially attending fashion week as an invited guest. I was stoked at the same time very nervous. I prepared about 10 outfits in total and attended every single day about 2-3 shows per day. I also filmed K-style on KCON.TV with MNET Korea. It was super hard to change, shoot, take photos and be at the show on time- due to the fact that there was such short breaks in between shows. Overall, I had a great experience at SFW and learned so much! Can't wait to attend FW 2017 in March! Hope you'll enjoy my outfit posts!

Outfit Details-

Dress: J Koo

Shoes: Miu Miu

Outfit Details-

Sweater: Munsoo Kwon

Shirt: R+A

Hat/Shoes: Korea

Backpack: Brandy Melville

SFW with Nicole!

watch here

*Featuring: Sistar Bora, SNSD Hyoyeon, Miss A Min, Loco, Ugly Duck, etc.

Seoul Fashion Week officially starts with Seoul Fashion Festival. This festival has runway shows with designers and models on the stage as well as famous celebrities to kick off the week filled with fashionistas! To get a better idea watch my video on KCON.TV- Seoul Fashion Festival with Nicole!

watch here

*Special thanks to my awesome friends Austin Kang  chef/model and James Lee from Royal Pirates!

*Featuring: Jay Park, Gray, Loco, Hoodie, Jessi, etc.


I attended the show with my friends, twin sisters Ada and Anna whom I met through work couple years back. We visited Hong Kong together and I'm grateful that I was able to attend most of the shows with them as well as their grand opening for their boutique in Korea which is located in Garo-su-gil. They also have 7+ boutiques in China and Hong Kong!

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